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Pet Crate Cleaner and Disinfectant | 1 Gallon

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  • EFFECTIVE ONE-STEP CLEANER AND DISINFECTANT FOR HOME OR KENNEL- This is a one-step cleaning liquid product and disinfectant specially formulated to safely clean home pet areas and even animal care facilities. The concentrated formula knocks out pathogens in one easy labor-saving step.
  • WORKS AGAINST VIRUSES, BACTERIA, FUNGI, EVEN CANINE PARVOVIRUS - This is the ideal disinfectant cleaner for both pet owners and animal care professionals. Kennell makes it easy to kill off pathogens with several germicidal ingredients, making it the only broad-spectrum, animal-safe kennel cleaner and deodorizer you need.
  • LEAVES YOUR DOG CRATE SMELLING FRESH AND ODOR-FREE - Unlike other pet cleaning supplies, this offers an abundant level of detergent and odor control which makes it more than just a kennel disinfectant cleaner. The fresh wintergreen fragrance it leaves behind keeps your dog crate or kennel smelling fresh and clean.
  • SAFE AND GENTLE KENNEL CLEANER AND DISINFECTANT - Our one-step germicidal cleaner is safe and gentle for home use and powerful enough to kill troubling conditions like kennel cough, staph infection, E.Coli and other nasty viruses. Its neutral pH level works efficiently and safely without any additional rinsing, retains strength even in hard water, and is safe for clothing and safe around dogs, cats, and other animals.
  • EPA REGISTERED - This is the ideal sanitizer and deodorizer to cleanse any area where animal debris, germs, and dander are present. Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it can kill a broad spectrum of pathogens, including many important to the animal care industry. It is not just effective against viruses (including Canine Parvovirus), bacteria, and fungi, it is also the right choice for you and your pet environment.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Very good product

Very good product for killing the worst diseases. It has a great smell.

Five Stars

I wouldn't use anything else to clean our dog kennels and floor with...

Recomnended thorough cleaner.

Such a easy way to get supplies and exactly what you want. Thank you. Kennel Sol is easy to use and doesn't smell awful. Recommended.

D. Rutsch
Five Stars

great cleaner

Five Stars

Smells good and clean

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