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L-Lysine Chews for Cats & Kittens | Chicken Liver

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  • Daily L-Lysine supplement for cats helps support a strong immune system and eye & respiratory health
  • Helps manage common feline health issues: sneezing, runny nose, squinting, and watery, inflamed eyes
  • Delivers veterinarian-recommended amount of Lysine: cats = 500mg 2x daily, kittens = 250mg 2x daily
  • Lysine bites for cats and kittens provide specially-formulated immune support for as long as needed
  • Cats love the highly-palatable chicken liver flavor chews; easy to dose and administer; portable



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Steven L Hirsch
My cats eyes rely on these treats

My cat has herpes and the antibiotic ointment the vet prescribes is not enough to keep the virus from affecting his eyes. We ran out of these treats and the red-eye returned. This is going on autoship because all 3 of my cats love the flavor and it helps them be healthier. Cat lovers should serve these to all their cats.

Cat likes them and they work

My vet recommended I try lysine to clear up my 11 year old cat's perpetually runny eyes.I figured it couldn't hurt so I ordered two types of lysine treats from .My cat is a very picky eater, but he loves the taste of these.Also, they work. Within a week, my cat's eyes were noticeably clearer, less runny -- and they've stayed that way, except for on occasional days when I forget to give him his dose of 6-12 treats per day.I ordered another brand (Pet Naturals), but my cat won't touch those.These (the Vetoquionol brand) treats are a crunchy treats, much like a larger sized piece of kibble. (The Pet Naturals brand is a softer, smellier treat.)Highly recommended, though I do wish would stop raising the price. My first order in November 2013 was only $10.77, then $13.20 for the next bag in December...looks like it will cost me nearly $20 if I reorder from .

Great for Sphynx Cats

My Sphynx cat breeder recommended these from the time I brought my kitten home. I put two of them on top of his kibble in the morning, and he eats them right up! The one thing to remember is they go stake quickly, so make sure the bag is always sealed properly. If it's not, they turn lighter in color and get very hard. My cat still ate them, though. My breeder told me, also she's a vet tech, that my breed of cat is susceptible to respiratory issues. We live in a drafty, century old loft & he's always been healthy. I can't be for sure it's because of the lysine, but I'm certainly giving it credit!

Melodee A. Taylor
Treats eagerly consumed

Considering that these treats has ingredients that I wouldn't eat... (sugar, corn & potassium sorbate), the cats just love these treats. It has only been about 3 weeks., and I notice that the eye problem has cleared up. One cat had a runny eye, from the time we got her @ the shelter. Her eye has cleared, some. The other cat (a throw away... owner didn't want him anymore) had chronic "sleepers" every a.m. These have cleared up, almost completely. And, they have been on these supplements less than a month. Over all, a good purchase. I will buy these, again, as long as they don't get TOOOOO expensive.

ms mary
Kitty approved!

My tabby cat Robby loves these and I think they do actually relieve some his symptoms (feline herpes virus). They are a small bite-size and arrive very fresh smelling. Kind of pricey, if given regularly they might last one month for 1 kitty. I remedy this by also getting the powdered version of the same product, which you sprinkle on their food. The powdered/sprinkle version costs about the same but lasts MUCH longer, like several months (I think mine lasted 3 or 4 months for 1 kitty). Then I use the treats just on occasion rather than as a routine. NOTE: These have BREWERS YEAST in them, which cats like, however if you are watching your cats intake of phosphorous, you will want to avoid brewer's yeast...not good for a cat who is older and maybe going through kidney failure.

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