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Pet Car Booster Seat/Travel Carrier Bed

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  • Focused Driving: The car seat's integrated leash gently confines your pet, ensuring no more doggy distractions while driving!
  • Comfort: Comfy headrests for your dog to relax as they watch you watching the road! Double-sided cotton cushions with a snuggly plush side and an alternate water-resistant side Our soft and sturdy material keep your pet comfortable while maintaining wear and tear resistance.
  • Convenience: Two easy-grip handles and two storage pockets make loading and unloading the car a breeze. Optional setup in front or backseat.
  • Design: Driver-facing car seat design provides a visual line of sight, reducing anxiety for your pup. The water-resistant material makes cleanup easy for spills and mess. Having a pet car seat prevents interior scratches, stains, and accidents in your vehicle.
  • Machine Washable Cover: Single wrap-around zipper design for easy removal of cotton pillows before washing. Cold washes gentle cycle and hang dry.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
My shibe loves it!

Our pup gets car sick - she stands most of the ride because she can't get comfortable. We bought this for our 14hr rode trip, and this was her just 20 minutes in the ride! The tether was tight enough to keep her laying down which was our preference obviously. She did get tangled up a couple times in it initially, so if your dog like to run around I wouldn't suggest this if you're going to use the tether. But the bed is soft and it was easy to put together.

Great quality. Will be purchasing again!

I LOVE this car seat and will be purchasing from them again. I can tell my little fur baby Louie feels safe and secure while I'm driving. I've had previous dog car seats before, and I always worried about Louie flying off the seat if I ever pressed on the brakes too hard, but now that I have this car seat, I never have to worry since it comes with four giant cushions on each side that blocks any chances of him falling. One thing to consider is the size of your passenger seats. I drive an SUV, so it fits perfectly, but if you have a smaller car, be sure to check the measurements! Overall, GREAT product for the price. I hope this review helps!Helpful tips:when receiving this item, the four cushions will come vacuum sealed. I like to put them in the dryer machine for 2 minutes so they can fluff up nice and fast!Be sure to have someone help you assembling this car seat. The cushions were too big for me to insert and zip at the same time without any help.

Easy comfy safe car seat, plenty of room

This seat is easy to secure, has a nice comfy plush pillow. Front and back are high providing a safe cushion for your pet. It's large making it roomy but is bigger than a small car seat. Still works just a couple inches hang over the small seat. I'm 100% pleased with the quality comfort and ease of use!

my dog ‹‹is happy with this

The car seat is very good quality

My dog loved this bed!

I bought this bed for a 3,200 mile round trip cross country drive. Even used is at my dogs safe space while visiting family. The inner cushion mat was a little floppy and thin. I easily made the bed cozier by adding a small pillow under the included soft, fuzzy, floppy cushion. My dog loved this and I felt great knowing she was cozy and safe.

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