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3 Frequency Barking Control Device

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  • 3 Adjustable Frequencies for All Sizes & Breeds Dogs: This anti-barking device with 3 different frequencies stops different sizes of dogs from barking effectively. 15-30KHz frequency can stop large and naught dogs barking at around 15m, 20KHz frequency can stop medium and docile dogs barking at approximately 10m, and 30KHz can stop small dogs barking at about 5m. With this anti-barking device with 3 frequency modes, you can change the frequency once a week, which is perfect for keeping the best barking control effect.
  • Stop Dogs Barking Indoor & Outdoor: This barking control device with a 33Ft extensive effect working range is perfect for stopping neighbors and homeless dogs from barking outdoor. The lightweight anti-barking device can easily be set on a desk or shelf to prevent your dogs from barking at home or hung on a tree, wall, or fence post under a waterproof cover to stop other dogs from barking.
  • Humane Automatic Ultrasonic Barking Control Device: This barking control device with the latest dog barking sensor system can catch dog bark accurately. No electric shock, no irritating smell, No Beep Voice, safe for pets and harmless for humans, the barking deterrent device emits the ultrasound automatically to stop dogs from barking, perfect for keeping your dogs silent when you leave dogs alone, creating a peace department for your families and neighbors.
  • Easy: The barking control device with an LED indicator can help you understand whether the device is working or low on battery. When working on 3 different levels, the light will flash red every 6s; the Blue light stays on 3s when the sonic bark deterrent is triggered by barking; the Blue light will flash when in low power.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Much Needed

It is what it said it would be and delivered faster than expected.

Great Quality

These are very well made fingers. They do fit tight inside a 3/4" hole. So be prepared to struggle with them a bit. I used a drop of liquid dish soap to help install them. They do seem to be of great quality.

Jose Gonzales
They got your back

Perfect fit.

They worked.

They did the job on 18 chickens. Not sure how long they will last, but worked as expected. Wish they had included dimensions, so I didn't have to experiment with drilling different hole sizes.

Barbara Taylor
Awesome game!

We gave this as a Christmas gift. The entire family enjoyed playing it. Great craftsmanship!

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