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Hanging Bungee Tug Toy

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  • Interesting Bungee Design: Dogs love tug of war games. Our interactive outdoor hanging bungee dog rope toy can give your dog countless hours of fun and keeps him/her safe. When the dog pulls the elastic rope, it will bounce higher, the spherical toys will be launched and let them chase like a fight. You can hang this dog bungee rope toy from a tree branch or wood beam under your deck, or wrap the tether tug outdoor dog toy around a tree
  • 2 Cotton Rope Toy: We have designed two different sizes of cotton rope toys for big dogs and medium/small dogs. Your dog will have more choices. All parts are detachable including colorful knot toys. so these dog rope chew toys can also be used alone as aggressive chewers to help dogs keep their teeth healthy
  • Durable & Safe Design: The material of the bungee strap is sturdy, and made from high-quality nylon. We covered it with a polyester fiber braid to prevent the dog from rupturing the leash due to pulling. Keeping the rubber band in the air can protect it from canine teeth.
  • Easy to Hang & Height Adjustable: Our new design help you hang this sturdy hanging bungee dog tug toy easily by yourself in minutes. You simply loop the strap through the ball rope toy and toss the bungee cord over the strong tree limb, loop it and pull it snug. Then easily attach the rope and ball toy at the desired height for the size of the dog. You can adjust the height of the bite toy by the buckle
  • Won't Get Dirty Or Lost: Our outdoor dog tether toy hangs nicely in a tree so it stays clean off the ground. Don't worry about them getting dirty and getting into your dog's mouth, and always be in the same location for your dog to find it and play. Our tug of war rope dog toy provides hours of tugging fun, which will make your doggy entertain themselves and not feel lonely



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