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Foldable Pet Exercise Pen

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  • PET FRIENDLY AND SAFE: 8 side panels form a circular shape, this puppy playpen is composed of high-grade thick mesh and scratch-resistant Oxford cloth. These pet playpens feature a 360-degree view and a sun view, designed with a spacious interior, and a well-ventilated, mesh roof to make sure that your pet doesn't feel anxious. The pet can see everyone through the mesh and does not feel so closed in.
  • CONVENIENT: This dog playpen also features a mesh zippered entrance along the side, zippered door provides easy in/out access for your pet. Close the door to keep your pet safely inside. you can fasten the door open with the attached Velcro. With the top zipped off, you can reach in and handle the pet. The soft pet playpen also features a handlebar for dragging purposes and lightweight easy carry. The pet playpen keeps your pets safely with you while at the park, beach, and inside or outside your home.
  • POP UP PLAYPEN: No assembly required, sets up in seconds; folds flat when not in use for easy carrying and storing. Can be used indoors or outdoors, for camping. The portable design makes it a perfect choice for travel. Bulky and heavy crates are a thing of the past!
  • EASY AND FUN: The spacious interior gives your pet room to play or sleep. Breathable material makes pets feel comfortable, you can put a mat/blanket in the playpen. Our playpen is available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • DIMENSIONS: 29"L x 29" W x 18 "H (S); Recommended for cats, extra-small & small sized animals



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Keeping my tea cup yorkie is most important to me.

I bought this pet playpen so that my tiny tea cup yorkie would be safe from wild animals or such.. My dog is a very fussy little creature and does not like many things such as new pet beds or playpens.. But as soon as I put into this playpen she fell in love with it and started to look all around through the side screen windows.. I am taking her on a aventure this weekend and she will be using this playpen much of the time.. I feel happy knowing that she will be safe and happy.... THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT....

Rosa N

I just got a puppy and this pen is perfect. Bella is comfortable, there is enough room for her to play. It is so easy to take it to any room I am at. Love it, thank you.

Tammy E. Hoeck
Perfect size for Yorkie puppy or adult.

We got this to contain our little baby when we brought him home. It has ended up being his playpen. He places all his toys inside it at the end of the night and sleeps either on his personal couch we got him or his bed that we also got for him. Yes, we are spoiling him but this little thing is perfect.It's great to take on trips to keep him contained at other people's homes. He loves it and I love how easy it is to take down and put up. Would highly recommend, great for all animal sizes since it comes in medium and large as well.

Rosemary Zynda
Love it. I now have peace of mind when I have my cat outside with me in the playpen.

The playpen was bought for my cat. It lives up to everything they said. It folds easily, it's great for travel and it's sturdy (it did blow over with my cat in it but I wasn't outside when it happened so I don't know if the wind blew it over or my cat jumped up against the mesh sides and caused it to flip over. Cat wasn't hurt and no damage to the playpen. I'm glad I bought the medium size. My cat weighs about 15 lbs and it is plenty big enough for him. The mesh windows all around lets my cat look out in any direction. Highly recommended.

Perfect Cat Enclosre

This works perfectly for allowing cats outside - they're safely contained while enjoying some fresh air.

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