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Freeze Dried Dog Treats | Beef Liver

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  • 100% SOURCED & MADE IN USA - Each small batch of our made in USA dog treats is freeze-dried. All ingredients are USDA certified and responsibly sourced from suppliers in the US.
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT GRAIN FREE DOG TREATS The only ingredient in this recipe is USDA-certified, human-grade beef liver. Our natural dog treats are grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and corn-free with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. They are non-GMO
  • PUPPY TREATS, DOG TREATS, DOG FOOD TOPPER - Reward good behavior and tricks with our great-tasting dog treats or use them as a dog food topper to add variety and excitement with a boost of raw nutrition and taste to every meal. Perfect for finicky eaters!
  • NATURAL RAW NUTRITION Feeding raw dog food can be messy. Our process starts with raw liver and gently removes moisture to lock in flavor and nutrients. We pack our dog treats in a resealable tub to preserve the delicious taste dogs crave.


Customer Reviews

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Mary Mercedes
Made in the USA & next best thing to home-made

Well, I'll join the ranks of happy dog campers here and say you and your dogs will surely love these treats.I will pay whatever it takes to make sure the treats I buy are:1. As NATURAL as possible. That means NO dyes (especially that ridiculous neon red color in most dog treats) no artificial flavors (like the sickening "smoke" flavor also used on most of the treats) no nitrates or all the other chemicals.2. Made in the U.S.A.I have checked out all the natural liver treat products from the big pet supermarkets to more than a dozen online pet suppliers. Sadly, with all the pet deaths these past few years from contaminated Chinese ingredients, we all know the reasons why you need to watch out and make certain that you buy a pet treat product made ONLY in America.This is NOT the cheap crap made in China that you see in Walmart, so YES it will cost more, but of course, your pet's health and your peace of mind is worth it.If you want to save a ton of money, it's also almost effortless to make a big batch of your own beef liver treats at home and your dogs will worship you if you do!I have been buying this brand for years and my dog love it. This container lasts a long time and will have your dog thinking you really complete him!Highly recommend this treat.

A Long-time Prime Person
Excellent dog treat. Highly recommended.

I am writing this from my dogs point of view. He is a 15 lb. Havanese and loved these immediately. He prefers the Pork, Beef, then the easy-to-crumble chicken livers. He is OK with the Bison and does not like the Lamb as much. We grind up the beef livers in a food processor and sprinkle them over his food (a little crazy, I know). I am confused by the labeling as these arrived in a red tub with Stewart on it, not Gimborn. If you search for Stewart Pork it is expensive and you pay shipping. As Gimborn it is sent Prime. The photos constantly get mixed up. I recommend the Stewart's dried beef liver treats and these pork livers the most, will buy Pork and Beef again, and I hope your dog feels the same, and that this helps someone.

Healthy and Loved!

Sprinkled on top of her food, I can get Itsy-Bits to eat on a good schedule. Otherwise, she waits until later and has to go out at 3AM! It's very low calorie (important for a 9 lb dog) and only contains freeze dried chicken. I chop around in the tub with a spatula, and it takes about a minute to make the whole thing sprinkle-able. It's a huge amount for the cost! I don't give it to her as a cube unless we are going to be up, and near water. It makes her thirsty (any dried food will) so I wouldn't suggest it for a hike or an outdoor treat unless you have a water bowl with you.

Well worth the value

Our dog was started on a daily antibiotic that we had to mix in with her food, but she didn't like the taste. We then started putting liver treats in her food to get her to eat. We decided to purchase this item because we had seen it on our vet's shelf. We had previously been buying liver treats at the pet store, however the amount you get vs the cost was a little difficult to swallow. Especially since we mix it into our dogs food every time we feed her. Stuart freeze dried treats made it possible for us to continue our dogs daily regime.

Native Maine'ah
It's a dog's version of steak!

I've had dogs for more than fifty years and short of giving them a nice Porterhouse I've never seen my current three love anything like these! OK, it ain't the cheapest on the market but really - you want to go cheap on your best friend?? If you're lucky for ten or fifteen years he/she is your best buddy and protector - any dog deserves the very best you can give them.Would you seriously eat any of that processed stuff from of shore producers - then why would you feed it to your best friend? Do yourself a favor and part with the additional pennies - you'll sleep a lot better at night!

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