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Non-Contact Digital Pet Thermometer

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  • This noncontact IR digital dog thermometer helps you easily take and know your pup's temperature before calling your vet
  • Ultra-fast and accurate IR thermometer sensor enhances you and your pet's comfort by eliminating the need for any complicated, uncomfortable insertions: just point the thermometer at your dog's belly or inner ear for a quick, simple and hygienic temperature reading.
  • Calibrated for dog's body temperatures, the LCD display screen makes temperature readings easy to read by lighting up 3 different colors according to temperature: green when it's safe, yellow when it should be monitored, and red when it's too high or low
  • Includes memory recall so you can see a log of your pet's health and silent mode for dogs sensitive to noise
  • NOTE: For best results aim the thermometer at the dog's belly or ear. Comes with 2 AAA batteries for power and a travel pouch for when you're on the go; Handle with care


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product hi

This is a great product for pets

Drew K.
Digital pet thermometer

Excellent product - easy to use, good results, excelsexpectations

LoriAnn Blair
Quality product & Easy to use

It's easy to read and gives you all the information needed. It's easy on your pet

Makes taking my dog's temperature easy!

My dog never sat still for a rectal thermometer. This solves that problem. I like that the readings are color coded: Green for normal, yellow to let you know to monitor the dog's temperature, and red means call the vet. I didn't realize that a dog's temperature can be too low, and this will alert you to temperatures that are dangerously low, as well.

Working fine

It is working great and my dogs really appreciate that I don't need to shove things where the sun don't shine to get an idea of what their temp is.

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