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Pet Steps for Small Dogs & Cats | Ash Gray Linen

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  • Premium Pet Ramps for Dogs and Cats:  These foam dog steps are designed to cozy right up to the edge of your high bed, tall couch, or other big furniture so your pet can climb up and down to get comfy, so you don't have to carry them either way
  • Support Pet Health and Safety Using Best Pet Supplies: The dog stairs for couch and bed use can help reduce the stress and tension applied to your pet's joints when they're jumping up and down from high places by removing the need altogether
  • Reduces Strain on Older Adults:  Our versatile dog steps not only help your pets they minimize the need for you to have to pick up your animal to get them up on the furniture, which is especially important if you struggle with strength or stability
  • Multiple Step Sized Options:  Ideal for small to medium-sized pets these steps for dogs and cats come in 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step options, so you can use them as dog stairs for beds or pet stairs for cats who need help climbing on a sofa
  • Trendy Home Decor Colors:  We want our dog stairs to better match your living room, bedroom, or personal space which is why they're available in 17 different colors and patterns to fit your individual style


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
L. PotterL. Potter
Nice Quality

My cat loves to look out the window but can't reach the window seat on her own as she has stunted limbs (see photo). The 4 step option is the perfect height to help her up and down. Fabric is good quality. Steps are sturdy but probably not for humans (my cat is 8 lbs. so no problem there). I used 2 command Velcro strips to secure to the floor as the little rubber nubs on the bottom of the steps don't do much but it was an easy fix. I vacuum to clean, no problem. Works great.


I have a kitty that's getting older and harder for her to get up and down off the bed. I had a bench, but needed more and ordered these stairs. It took her a day or so to become acclimated to them. Bench is now gone and she loves the stairs! Great product! Sturdy for her and cushy at the same time. She takes them with great confidence!

Sandra Valente
Five Stars

Great for the my dogs, my little guy can finally get up on the sofa.

MIKEY 650i
Not too soft.

I noticed a number or reviews said theses were too soft even for smaller dogs. NOT TRUE! I have a had a softer set for years and my 20 lb. Norfolk Terrier had no problem even with those. This new one is much, much firmer and better. I don't understand why at least a 60 or 75# dog could not use them . These are great and the color is more gold than mustard.(good!) All in all we are really happy with these. Bought a returned one and it was just as new in same packaging. Great buy. Great steps! i would buy again and may yet to replace the softer one that I have.

Raymond GrayRaymond Gray
Great quality, perfect size for bigger beds.

In the photo I've shown the new steps next to the my old one to show the size difference. I just got a new bed and it has an adjustable base that puts it pretty high off the ground and my 13 year old fat cat needs help so I had to get new steps ASAP. The new one is not only bigger and the perfect size for my large bed but also it's much better quality than my old one... as you can see the steps are saggy, as I mentioned my cat is fat so her weight going up and down the same path day after day has left them pretty droopy. I feel I wont have this problem in the future because with these new steps, it's a much more solid material (softer too; looks kinda like sheep wool) while still being light weight. The box it came in was enormous (please recycle; but let your cat play with it first lol) but when I picked it up I was amused to find it was so light weight... especially because I'm expecting a new TVs stand in the mail today as well lol. 10/10 would recommend if your bed is 25-28 inches tall

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