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Portable Nonslip Wooden Pet Ramp

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  • All-Purpose Cat and Dog Ramp: The pet ramp reduce the dog's muscle and joint straining caused by jumping, making it easier and more comfortable for your arthritic pets to reach sofas, beds, and cars.Using as a ramp to access furniture, or as a scratcher only, helps to prevent furniture scratching
  • Slip-Resistant Comfortable Surface: Our dog ramps use a special Paw Traction Mat, which is ribbed and proven to have maximum paw grip for your dog, avoid slips and falls as they're climbing up. And we also equip 4 self-adhesive anti-skid Mats (freely install-able and removable) to help your small dog move up and down the ramp more easily
  • Sturdy and Durable: The car ramp's sturdy solid wood construction offers very strong support, and each of the ramps has been independently safety tested and rated to support pets up to 200 pounds. Equipped with additional extended support feet to enhance the stability of the ramp and make it safer
  • 6-Layer Adjustable Height: The dog ramp can be adjusted to 6 heights -13, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches, it helps your pets easily reach the car, bed, or couch. The ramp is self-supporting and does not need to be placed on the vehicle or furniture
  • Easy To Store & Carry: The portable pet ramps fold down flat so you can easily store them in your car, under your couch, or bed without taking up much space. The cat ramp weights only 13.8 lbs so you can easily carry it indoor or outdoor
  • TipsThe load-bearing capacity of each gear is not exactly the same, the first gear (lowest gear) is 25 pounds, the second gear is 100 pounds, the third gear is 125 pounds, the fourth gear is 150 pounds, the fifth gear is 175 pounds, and the sixth gear is 200 pounds. If your pet is over 25 pounds, please do not use the lowest gear. You can let your pet get familiar with our pet ramp by laying it flat or on the second level of the pet ramp



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great product!

My older dogs are much happier! I get more sleep at night now that I don't have to let them down and pick them up.

gary Hysell
Super Sturdy

This ramp is made super sturdy. I'm a woodworker and can attest that the ramp is superbly made. No animal is going to mess this ramp up. The multiple levels it goes to allows for many different heights of entry. We used it for a 1400 mile journey to get into and out of the car for our furbaby. Worked like a charm. Also she uses it to get onto our bed and the couch when her bones hurt too much to jump. Yes it was a bit more than I wanted to pay for a ramp. However like I mentioned, this ramp will never break because of our furbabies. It will last a long time. That fact alone makes the price worth it. Buy it. You won't regret it.

Shaun H20
Easy to use

Our two Pomeranian puppies are much too small to be able to get up on the bed by theirselves so they needed either a set of small stairs or a ramp like this ramp. The ramp was very easy to assemble, in fact there was not much to do really and it was up and working. It's very stable and secure. Our dogs had to be shown how to use it but once we showed them they have been using it constantly without any issue. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Easy assembly and use

This ramp came completely assembled. Took no effort to set up and adjust for the height needed. Will take my pet some time to get used to it but went up/down with no problems once we finished with the set up.It is not heavy which will make it convenient to relocate in the house or out to our RV when we go camping. Ours is an older dog and having the additional strips to make 'stairs' for him helps a lot. There are several slots to adjust the angle of the ramp and it is simple to adjust.

Lisa Dotter
Great ramp

I have a miniature dachshund puppy and one thing most owners told me was don't let them jump on or off the bed or couch. So I got this to put next to my bed. Stairs she absolutely hated. This is like the third ramp I got cuz others where either to high or to low. So to me a selling factor was that you can adjust the height. Which was able to make it fit perfectly at the bottom of my bed and actually not have any extra space. My dog has no problems using this ramp. It's very sturdy as well, the kids like running up it and it's withheld there weight. So glad I found this ramp cuz I was wasiting so much money trying to find the perfect ramp for my dog. It's really easy to put together or to even store away.

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