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Smart Automatic & Interactive Bone Toy for Dogs

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  • Automatic & Intelligent: Choose between interactive auto-play modes or control the puppy toy by using the joystick in drive mode via the app. It can automatically adjust how it reacts based on the different actions of your dog!
  • Drive Mode: Control the dog toy through the Wicked bone available for iOS and Android), and move it with its virtual joystick, choosing between the puppy toy's 9 Available motions, and you'll soon create and discover new action combos as it runs!
  • Safe & durable: FDA food-grade polycarbonate of the body, cover, and the tires, strong and soft, protects your puppy's claws and teeth.
  • Easy to clean: Its detachable tires and protecting cover are very easy to take off, thus could be quickly and conveniently cleaned! Good puppy chew toy!
  • Long battery life: built-in 470 mAh lithium polymer battery, charging for 1 hour, lasting more than 30 minutes in App mode, more than 2 hours in interactive mode, 1 month in sleep mode!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elite Sapphire
My dogs absolutely favorite toy

I didn't like the heavy chewing my dog gave this toy as I thought it would be pulled apart. Shouldn't have worried--it took the abuse as if it was made for it. My dog and I preferred the programed mode to controlling it with my phone, but I'm sure more practice on my part would have made my dog's play less predictable. He didn't seem to mind the predictable movements, though. It does last an appreciable amount of time on one charge.

Frenchie puppy approves!

Bought this for a very hyper French Bulldog puppy 2+ months ago and I am so glad I did. Initially it seemed like he was afraid of it, but I slowly introduced the bone to him as each day went on. He slowly grew to stop being afraid of it and started to love being chased by it. Now, he loves throwing the bone in the air and will keep himself entertained for 45 mins. Our Wicked Bone has taken a swim in the water bowl a few times and is currently taking on a teething puppy and yet, I have not needed to replace any parts.If you are unsure if this will work for your baby, there is really no way of telling until you buy it. My Frenchie was afraid of it at first, but after a couple of weeks, that fear went away. You just need to be patient.

Xan A. Rubey
My Great Dane is INSANE for this!

My maniac Great Dane loves this so much! She's been really rough with it (see photo) but it still works †. Keeps her mind occupied and alert which really wears her out and calms her down, even if I only turn it on for 10 minutes. The remote control works through a phone app and sometimes I have trouble getting it to connect, but once it does it's all good. You can choose to control the movements yourself or set it on auto and let it randomly do it's own thing while you get a break for a few minutes. You can set the timer for various lengths of time. Our only issue is that she won't share with the other Dane! Guess we need a second one ¦

Justin King
Keeps Her Entertained

So much fun. At first she didn't quite know how to take it, growling, pushing at it. Now I'm purposefully trying to see how durable it is, allowing my 35 lb. Australian Sheepdog/Border Collie mix, chew at her hearts content. She has figured out that I control it too, and as smart as she is, which is very smart, she will bring it to me and then nudge my phone as if to say, "c'mon dad, move it for me!" Beyond the teeth marks which are unavoidable and don't affect it's functionality,! this thing is by far and away the best toy to keep our pets entertained for hours on end. With an awesome run time and zero maintenance it's worth every penny.

Corgi loves it

Our corgi shreads every plush or rope toy we have purchased, this bone doesn't have that problem. The dog loves it and goes crazy when we bring it out. She plays with it until the battery dies. (about 20-30 minutes average) It works well on hardwood and tile and short carpet, but gets stuck on deep shag carpets and rugs.The only con is that it's difficult to control with your phone as the remote, but the dog knocks it around so much it's not a big deal.

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