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Waterproof GPS Pet Tracker | Dark Blue

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  • LIVE TRACKING & LOCATION HISTORY - Follow your furry friend's every step in real-time on your phone. See where your cat has been and what they've been up to.
  • SUBSCRIPTION PLAN NEEDED - Monthly, 1-year, 2-year, and 5-year plans are available.
  • DESIGNED FOR CATS, LIGHTWEIGHT & 100% WATERPROOF - Rain, shrubs, and trees are no problem.
  • VIRTUAL FENCE - Mark safe spaces, like your garden, and know the moment your cat leaves one - and when they come back safely.
  • ALL-DAY ACTIVITY MONITORING - Track active time, rest and calories burned. Set fitness goals. Keep your cat in great shape with GPS for cats.
  • WORLDWIDE LOCATION TRACKING - Use your GPS tracker for cats throughout the USA, Canada, and 150 other countries. Manage all features via the free GPS app for iOS and Android or in any browser.
  • Age range description: all life stages
  • Included components: instruction manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perfect Tracker for Piece of Mind

After months of our former adopted alley cat escaping the house every week, we have finally found a solution that keeps everyone happy. Each morning we put kitty's collar on and let him outside for a few hours. I'm able to do some chores and the app lets me know if he's in any places he shouldn't be. I love the trace and head map function that lets me see where kitty spends his time and allows me to gather him up quickly if needs to come in. He no longer bolts out the door! At the end of the day we give the collar a wash (kitty likes to roll in dirt piles) and charge it overnight, although it charges quickly. This was a perfect tracker for our lifestyle and needs! No regrets!

Excellent peace of mind!

One minor glitch( my fault, forgotten password lol) but fantastic customer service

Awesome to finally know where my cat has run off to!

My cat has been disappearing for hours and no amount of calling up and down the street would get her to come, even though she is normally responsive to my calls. I purchased the Tractive device hoping to be able to at least know what general area to look in. The Tractive device has exceeded my expectations!It is extremely accurate *if* it can get a GPS signal. If the cat is in a heavily wooded area, this device will not locate accurately, but then no GPS-based device could. Generally our area has enough open areas that it will pick her up when she crosses in and out of these.The battery life is fine if your cat does not roam for long periods of time in an area with low cellular coverage. Ours stays mostly within our WIFI range which allows it to stay in power saving mode except when she goes on her daily big explore of the neighborhood. I am charging every 2-4 days depending on how long she roams outside each day. The device does not use the WIFI to communicate, simply senses it to know that the cat is within range of home.The interface is pretty intuitive though the updates (of battery level and activity) seem slow to update at times. If the device is within Bluetooth range of your phone you get a circle that shows increasing strength as you near the device. It also has an AR mode for helping to locate outside of the Bluetooth range.My cat is about 9 pounds and this device easily fits on her collar (in provided sleeve) and does not seem to bother her at all. It can be removed from the sleeve for recharging without removing the collar if desired.Turns out my cat is roaming up to 3/4 of a mile from home, mainly in wooded area between houses and was not responsive to calling because she was out of range to hear me. Using this device I can go to her general area and find her. Highly recommend this device.

Very pleased

Using this tracker to find out when my son arrives home from school on the bus has been incredibly valuable. Sometimes the bus varies by up to 30 minutes and that amounts to a lot of waiting and wasting time. I drop the tracker in his back pack but it also has a nice rubber case that you can purchase wristbands separately to be wearable. Good for a little kids or special needs like ours. The virtual fence option is great so you can draw a boundary and get a phone alert when he is in our neighborhood. Draw a second boundary around school so I know when the bus has left. Very easy to use software. Nice app for the iPhone. A smart feature automatically enabled Wi-Fi when at home and greatly extends battery life. Now I charge it on weekends and it still has 40 percent after a week.

Kenzie CarterKenzie Carter
Accuracy is great!

I had a mama cat that had kittens and couldn't find them.... after getting this I found them a mile away! They are home safe now!

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